VCA Animal Hospital - Money driven, couldn't care less about pet care

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First I will begin with the fact that I have no complaints about the doctors at the VCA I have received pet care from in the last couple years. There are also a couple of unlicensed assistants (that are referred to as "techs") that I trust also.

So that is the satisfactory part of my review.

It seems the problems began when it turned from a friendly, everyone knows your pets when you walk in kind of place (I have over 10 years experience with this clinic over a 20 year period) to a VCA hospital. Now it feels more like a "who are you and what can I sell you" kind of place. Not only do they not know my 3 babies who I take there, but the last time I was there and gave them my name, they pulled up an old file from over 9 years ago and quickly recited off the names of 8 of my previous fur babies that are no longer alive and haven't been for years. I tried to stop him saying "no, no, no" but he made sure to recite the whole list.

I felt like he was trying to tell me my current pets weren't on the file or something? Or he was just plain rude. At that point I felt hurt as painful losses filled my mind. But my 2 dogs needed their supply of hw/flea preventative and my indoor cat needed frontline plus.

(Which they don't carry claiming it no longer works). I told them it was working great for me and I've never had a flea problem. They proceeded to tell me they were carrying a newer and more effective product called simple guard. I guess I'm gullible because if you tell me it's better than I want it for my pets.

Anyway, $356.42 and 25 minutes later I walked out with 6 months each of combo guard for my 2 dogs And 8 months of simple guard. I asked the unfriendly sales (not pet) oriented guy at the counter if I could return or exchange the simple guard if there were any reactions or it did not work. He said "I'm sure you can, but we haven't had any problems). 5 weeks later my cat was infested with fleas and had flea dirt everywhere.

It was gross and my pets have never had this problem before. It has cost me another $200 plus just to get this problem under control. I found a couple live fleas on the dogs too, but also dead ones and no dirt, so maybe the combo guard is working ok. I'm sure this will be no surprise but when I called VCA to report this and ask for an exchange or refund I was told the FDA is cracking down on RX returns.

(Btw, you don't need a prescription to buy flea prevention unless there is heartworm prevention in it). I explained that I was told by a reception/salesperson with a vet standing right next to him that I could but she said she'd have to check and call me back. Well l never got the call back which is the usual when you call this corporate run nightmare of a "hospital". Also, I want to add that I investigated the products they are selling because they claim the others don't work.

They are made by a company called "vethical". Bet you can guess who owns the vethical brand....yep, VCA. They don't care if your pet has fleas/ticks/heart worms. Just more money in their pockets.

And speaking of money, their prices are astronomical! You can't even call and get a basic quote on a procedure "such as teeth cleaning" without coming in and paying $45, even if your pet just had an annual physical ($45) just a couple months earlier...I mean they looked in his mouth then. Finally she just said "anywhere between 2-8 hundred. PET OWNERS BEWARE!!!

Find a family vet where people care about animals and are not run by corporate greed like VCA! I can't even get my records transferred to my new vet without jumping through hoops. They are my records!

I paid for them and I should have the right to request them transferred without having to have a release faxed. I can't express my dissatisfaction enough and will never use a VCA or buy a vethical brand product again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Antech Vethical Simpleguard Flea Control.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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